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The 1st Thing You Should Do Is Get Your Computers Protected
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Deletes Porn
Monitoring/Recording Filtering/Blocking
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How Kids Are
Lured Into
Porn, Drugs,
Even Suicide
After Being Victimized
by Ruthless
Internet Predators

Details Recent Real-World Tragedies
With Online Activities
A Rock Solid
Comprehensive Parent-Friendly
Written by a Software Engineer of Life-Saving Technology
Just Released October 25, 2008
** Two of The Most Important Books
You Will Ever Read **
Written by a Highly Acclaimed
IT Expert & Top Executive
Next, Learn Everything You Can About Internet & Sexual Predators
Internet Expert and author Gregory Smith says it is imperative to go "stealth" (undetected) so that the settings cannot be altered with by tech savvy kids, and so that you get a truly accurate picture of their activities.  Do not, under any circumstances, tell them that there is monitoring software on the computer or they will go to a friend's house to pursue the activities they want to keep their parents in the dark about.
Find out more in **Greg's book below.       Be sure to see the clip of Greg's interview with CBS News.
What About Your Neighbors?
The Babysitter?   The Coach?
Who Spends Time With Your Kids?

What YOU Don't Know Could Hurt Them
See The Frightening Danger First Hand

Resources For Children

Created by
Classroom Teachers
Get This
DVD Guide
To Give
Your Children
A Safer

DVD Combo

Join Safe Side Super Chick
and Her Pals
in Her Zany
Internet Safety and
Stranger Safety

Created by John Walsh (America's Most Wanted) and Julie Clark, creator of Baby Einstein
Special Appearance by "Clicky" from NetSmartz of National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
For Kids Ages 2-10
Join "Safe Side Super Chick" in Laugh-Out-Loud Adventures
As She Teaches Practical Internet Safety Lessons
With Her Enjoyable Pals

Essential Strategies:
Online Sexual Predators
Child Porn
Cyber Bullies
Hate Groups
Gaming Addiction
& More
Learn the Risks & the Common Ways People Inadvertently Expose Themselves & Accidentally Reveal Personal Information
Written by a Leading
Child Safety Expert
Written by a Leading
Internet Safety Expert
Internet Safety
Stranger Danger
Staying Safe When Home Alone
Bike Safety
Drugs, Bullies,
~ It's In There ~

Taught Peer-to-Peer
~ Featured Read ~
Maxine and her best friend Leah used to have so much fun chatting with boys online. Their other friends were jealous of their new relationships, and their parents were oblivious to all the love notes being emailed back and forth. So what if Max and Leah lied about their ages and where they lived ... it was just a website ... just for fun. But when Leah disappeared, Max realized that they weren't the only ones telling lies online. Now Max must help the police find her friend and catch an internet predator ... a predator who had come dangerously close to Max. Through her daily journal entries, Max shares the horrible feeling of betrayal, the crushing loss of Leah, and the struggle to move on after all that has happened.
"While prescribed for tweens, as social worker and parent, I strongly recommend it for teens and parents as well." --
Diane O'Hara, Registered Social Worker --Windsor Life

Identity Thieves Target Teens
Gaming, Hate Groups, Bullying
Have Your Tools Ready Before You Need Them
More Outstanding & Highly Recommended Books
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** Gregory Smith
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