Is There A Dangerous Sexual Predator Lurking Around
Your Neighborhood?
Your Backyard?

Sex Offenders
Place ANY Neighborhood In Danger --
Especially YOURS!
How Much Do You Really Know About:

Your Child's Teacher?
The Coach?
The Band Leader?
The Dance Instructor?
The Tutor?
The Principal?
The Doctor?
The Child Psychologist?
The Babysitter?
The People Next Door?
The Lifeguard?
The Pack Leader?
The Youth Leader?
The Car Pool Drivers?
The Boss of Your Child's Part-Time Job?
Your Ex-Spouse's New "Significant Other?"
The After School Program Staff?
The Man Down the Street Who Doesn't Work?
Your Teenage Daughter's "Older Boyfriend?"
The Neighbor Who Watches Your Child When You "Run to the Store?"
Your Sister's New Beau?
The Kid on the Motorcycle Who Picks Up Your Teenage Daughter?
That Weird Guy Who Watches the Little League Games?
The Man Who Wants to Take Pictures of Your Kids for a "Modeling Gig?"

What was once a respectable, family-friendly neighborhood
suddenly becomes a place of fear and anxiety.

You know they're out there... but where?

Children playing in the yard
are now potential victims of unknown sexual perverts
drifting in and out of your neighborhood.

Parents become suspicious of neighbors
and don't allow their kids
to play any place else - just in case.
But... is their own backyard even safe?

   Wouldn't You Like To Know   Who    Lives  In YOUR Neighborhood?
On Your Street?
Next Door?
Convicted Sex Offenders
Are required By Law To Alert Authorities
When They Move Into A New Neighborhood

That doesn't mean that they all do, but at least you can have a heads-up on those that do.
As a PARENT, Don't You
Watchful Neighbors Are Helpful, But They Can't Do It All.

Find Out Who Lives Around You and Your Kids.
Don't Leave It To Chance.

They're YOUR KIDS --

Take Matters Into Your Own Hands!
Then Stay On Top Of It!
90% of kids who have been sexually molested knew their attacker.

The typical sexual predator will assault 30-60 victims before being caught.

75%+ of convicted sex offenders will be re-arrested for sexual assault.
What If You Just Don't Bother To Find Out?
This Is NOT Being Paranoid --
It's Being a Good Parent

Do Your Homework -- Do Background Checks!
Would Your Child Let This "Official" Looking Man Into The House?
Don't Be A Hostage To Fear --
It's YOUR Neighborhood!

Find Out Who They Are - Learn To Recognize Their Faces
Find Out Where They Are - Don't Let Your Kids Go There

Take Strong Measures to Instruct Your Kids of Stranger Danger
Alert Your Neighbors and Keep Watch For Each Other's Kids
Take Turns Trolling The School Property When School Lets Out
Monitor The Neighborhood Parks, Playgrounds, Athletic Fields, Malls

Do What You Can -- And Do It Now!

Who Else Has Contact With Your Kids?
Are they really who you think they are?
If they do background checks to
simply work at a fast-food restaurant,
shouldn't parents know
who is spending time with their own children?

Too Much Is At Stake To Take It For Granted.

Do Your Homework -- Do Background Checks!
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On Your Street?  Next Door?
Across From the School?
Who Lives In Your Neighborhood?
This is a tool you shouldn't be without.
Instant Sex Offender Search By Zip Code

What About Your Neighbors?
The Babysitter?   The Coach?
Who Spends Time With Your Kids?
This is a tool you shouldn't be without.

This is a tool you shouldn't be without.
Kids Don't Recognize the Danger.
Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!
Enter 10 Digit Number Here >>>
Do a Confidential Background Check Now
Are they really who you think they are?
Be Sure!
Who's Calling Your Kids?
Get the Number, Try It Now
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